Timberwolves Move to the Uber-Youth Movement

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Minnesota Timberwolves decided to morph their team into the High School project by trading Mike Miller and Randy Foye for the 5th pick in Thursdays draft as well as Darius Songaila, Oleksiy Pecherov, and Etan Thomas. The trade now gives the Timberwolves the 5th, 6th, 18th and 28th pick in the draft.

The rumors of Mike Miller be dealt by the Timberwolves have been floating around for as long as he's been a member of the team but I'm pretty damn surprised that they dealt away Randy Foye. Foye is just 25 years old, he did average 16 points last year and the Timberwolves did trade Brandon Roy for him on draft day. I would think that the Timberwolves could have done better than a #5 pick and 3 useless players for two solid NBA guys.

The Timberwolves apparently desire to move up to the #2 pick in the draft, but even if they draft #5 & #6, that's two picks that they hope will have a major impact. Throw in the fact that now the best players on their roster are all 26 or under and you have a major youth movement. The core of their team is now Big Al, Ryan Gomes, Corey Brewer, Kevin Love, Craig Smith and Sebastian Telfair. I'd imagine that they are going to target a point guard because having Bassy run your team doesn't seem like a sound decision. It also makes sense to get some kind of scoring 2 guard threat considering they just traded away both of those options.

In the end I agree with the straight youth movement. I'm just not sure I understand the need to jettison Foye.

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