What Sport Would The Noid Play

Friday, June 26, 2009

What Sport is a series of posts dedicated to figuring out what sport a certain fictional character would play. Today's topic is the Noid. Don't remember the Noid? Here's a refresher:

Description: The Noid was the annoying Pizza Crushing Bunny Rabbit thing invented by Domino's Pizza for their commercials in the 1980s. He went on to "star" in the epic video game Yo! Noid. He's basically a foot and a half rabbit gnome thing that likes to jump a lot.

The Options: Um at under 2 feet tall, the Noid's options are limited. You pretty much can throw out all the major sports. Plus he probably weighs nothing, so he likely doesn't even fit into a weight class for boxing or MMA or lifting. You're likely going to have to look towards serious niche sports if you can find anything at all.

Competitive Jump Rope: Competetive jump rope just might be the ideal sport for The Noid. He jumps a lot, he looks relatively quick. Plus his small height makes it increedibly easy for the guys twirling the jump rope to swing it in a circle.

Spelling Bee: Is the Spelling Bee a sport? No. But at least you don't need to be tall or athletic or strong to compete in it. I doubt the Noid can spell at all though so this probably isn't the go to option.

Hide and Go Seek: At 2 feet tall and skinny the Noid should be able to find really excellent hiding places for any circumstance. The problem is that Hide and Go Seek really isn't a sport either.

The Verdict: Competetive Jump Roping, honestly its the only option. Sorry Noid.

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