Why do the Pirates Always Suck?

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Why do the Pirates always suck? The answer is simple, it's the Draft. I took a snapshot of the Pirates first 5 rounds of draft picks from 2008 and 1990 and what you find is nearly horrifying.

~Of the 80 players the Pirates have drafted in the first five rounds from 1990 to 2008 only one player has made an All Star game for the Pirates. That player was Jason Kendall who made the team on three separate occasions.

~Only 6 of the 38 players the Pirates drafted in the 4th and 5th rounds since 90 even made it to the big leagues. Of those players only Tike Redman and Jeff Keppinger are names you may have heard. And those aren't exactly house hold names.

~Not a single pitcher drafted in the 1st round for the Pirates has a record above .500.

~In the 3rd round the Pirates actually drafted three solid pitchers in Jeremy Guthrie, Chris Young and Bronson Arroyo. Of the three only Arroyo would ever suit up as a Pirate and he only had 29 starts in a Pirate uniform.

~Of all of the first 5 round draft picks Jason Kendall leads the way with the most homers. He has a total of 73 and he's been in the league for well over a decade.

Take a look yourself, I'm sure you can find some more horryfying stats.

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