Player A vs. Player B

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Below are the stats of two individuals. See if you can figure out who they are. I'll list off a few helpful hints and then post the answer in the comments.

1. Players A is an outfielder while Player B is a third baseman.

2. The players play in opposite leagues.

3. Both Players are perennial all stars.

4. Player A's statline is close to expected while Player B's is a little out of the ordinary.

5. Player B has a BABIP of .467.

6. One player is a leadoff man while the other is a middle of the order hitter.

7. Neither player plays for a team who would currently qualify for the playoffs.

8. Player A and Player B play on opposite coasts.

9. Player A is in his mid 30s, Player B is in his late 20s.

10. Player A is Asian

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Player A = Ichiro
Player B = David Wright

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