Who the Hell Is Ricky Barnes?

Monday, June 22, 2009

I like to think of myself as having a wealth of knowledge in all sports. I feel as if you throw a golfers name out there and I could likely say, "Yup I've heard of him" and in most cases be able to pick the player out of a lineup. But on saturday when I turned on the US Open and saw "-8 Ricky Barnes" at the top of the leaderboard, I immediately thought to myself, "Umm who the hell is Ricky Barnes?".

Thinking back on it, I've probably heard the name floated around before, but I 100% would not have been able to pick him out of a lineup. But since he's still tied for the lead going into the "final day" of the US Open, I figure it's time we all get to know Ricky Barnes and his goofy hats.

Barnes won the US Amateur in 2002, which is the only real reason you may have heard of him. He beat Hunter Mahan in the finals and in 2003 he went on to play in the three majors the US Amateur Championship affords a player. He finished 21st in the Masters that year for his best Major finish of his career. He followed that up by making the cut at the US Open and missing the cut at the British Open.

And since 2003, well there's not much to talk about. This is only his 2nd Major appearance since he missed the cut at the British. The only other Major he made was the US Open in 2007 when he missed the cut. Additionally, his PGA resume is almost non-existant as well. Since 2003 he's bounced mostly through the Nationwide Tour, which unless you work for the Golf Channel I'm going to guarantee you don't pay attention to. Even this year, a year he's on the PGA Tour, his best finish at any event is 47th.

Perhaps the 2009 US Open will be his reintroduction to the world. In 2002 he obviously was amongst the most talented youngsters on the planet. Today we find out if his gritt and his gut will be able to hold on to the US Open lead and afford him the resume of a two time USGA Trophy Holder.

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