David Ortiz is Worth Negative 5.2 Million Dollars

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The website FanGraphs* provides many a new fangled statistic, from plate discipline stats, to replacement level stats to, to win probability added, etc. One of my favorite stats is dollar amount a player would make in free agency. So the current leader for fielders is Evan Longoria, and he would be worth 14.6 million dollars in the market.

So what would Mr. Ortiz deserve if he was in the open market right now? -5.2 million dollars. Yep, he would have to pay someone over 5.2 million dollars for him to add any value to a team in free agency.

*If you have a few minutes and like stats, seriously play around in FanGraphs for a bit.

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It is not the "dollar amount a player would make in free agency." It is the dollar value of a player's performance based on free agent signings.

dbvader said...
12:01 PM  

^ Gay.

Hart said...
12:38 PM  

Actually it doesn't have anything to do with free agency. It is based on the value of a "win" and uses the runs a player has added relative to a replacement player (e.g. an average call up from AAA).

Bill said...
12:59 PM  

This is how Fangraphs defines it...

"WAR converted to a dollar scale based on what a player would make in free agency"

Simon said...
1:37 PM  

That's a very quick definition and is clearly a fallacy. David Ortiz would not pay money to play. And every year teams end up paying for negative value.

If you read the full definition, the value is based on how much over three years teams paid free agents for their production. It figures out how many marginal wins free agents will contribute and divides that figure by the amount they have been paid. W/$.

dbvader said...
7:21 PM  

The post is meant to be a joke, I don't seriously think Ortiz should give the Red Sox a check for 5.2 million.

Laugh people, laugh.

Simon said...
11:31 AM  

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