What Sport Would Mega Man Play?

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What Sport is a series of posts dedicated to figuring out what sport a certain fictional character would play. Today's topic is Mega Man.

Description: Mega Man is a 4 foot tall robot whom depending on the villains he's dispatched could have a varying amount of abilities. He's tough, he's agile, he's quick, he's thick (230 lbs), but he's short as hell (he's Listed at just 4 foot 4).

The Options: Well anything having to do with height is completely out, so we shall eliminate basketball and volleyball. Baseball is likely eliminated as he would be an uber Pedroia. So our debate shall be between Hockey, Football, Soccer.

Football: The land of football is the land of massive massive men and Mega Man is certainly not that. But even in the land of massive men there's become a growing desire for the Quarkback, the small and lighting quick running back, think Leon Washington or Noel Devine. Mega Man would fit this persona perfectly. He's a tough little shit who likely would have vision in the backfield to make moves and would likely make a good punt returner as well.

Soccer: The Header would likely be out of the question for Mega Man, but once again his quickness and endurance would be at the forefront. Lionel Messi is arguably the best player in the world right now and he might be about 5 feet tall and Mega Man could easily fit that mold.

Hockey: Mega Man does defeat Ice Man in the first game, but even in that level he didn't bust out the skates. Plus, the Hockey stick was never amongst his weapons of choice. Hockey just doesn't fit.

The Verdict: Football, Mega Man is hands down the ideal Quarkback.

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He could be a pitcher in the American League. Think firing the baseball out of his blaster like base wars.

cgb said...
10:04 AM  

Rugby. The general manager of my company is an avid rugby player at 5' and about 220. All the scots in my office tend to the short and stocky. He would have to ditch the helmet though.

So when does SimonOnSports take the next step and start having SimonOnSports Girls?

Hart said...
7:19 AM  

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