Thank You Luis

Monday, June 15, 2009

Outside of all the victories against the Red Sox, Watching Luis Castillo drop a simple pop up to lose Friday nights game was the most enjoyable moment of the 2009 baseball season. At the time I was sitting in a bar surrounded by a large crowd of both Met fans and Yankee fans. You could tell that both fans were at a near panic level given their failures against their arch-rivals earlier in the week. So as the ball was popped up, courtesy of Alex Rodriguez pulling his normal 9th in routine by choking under pressure, you could hear the sighs from the Yankee fans and the jubilation and hollering from the Mets fans. It was incredibly deflating.

But then Luis Castillo happened. He misjudged where the ball was going to land and had to float across right field to get under the ball. And when the ball hit his glove, popped onto the ground, with a little help from Luis's right hand being nowhere near his glove, the mood in the room immediately switched. Shock settled in on the Met fans as they watched Castillo pick up the ball and gently toss it to 2nd base. Meanwhile the Yankee fans were jumping up and down and laughing as Teixeira somehow lumbered around the base paths to score the winning run.

Thank You Luis, for making my friday night.

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