Connecticut is the Land of the Red Sox Yankee Rivalry

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Quinnipiac University of Hamden Connecticut obviously has a little spare time on their hands and therefore for the 7th straight year they conducted a baseball fandom survey of Connecticut. The survey is essentially to see which team, the Yankees or the Red Sox, has more fans in the state of Connecticut and where exactly the lines in the sand are drawn. After losing out to the Red Sox in total fans last year for the first time in the surveys history, the Yankees eaked out a 42-38% victory in 2009 despite losing in five of the eight counties. Thankfully, due to wealth distribution population density of the counties, and the landslide victory in Fairfield County the Yanks take home the grand prize.

You can check the actual county results in the detailed Quinnipiac tables, but I'll sum it up for you. The counties close to New York City like the Yankees. The counties further away the city like the Sox. And Litchfield County is just confused and irrelevant.

This post is pretty much for all the jackasses from Massachusetts who have ever asked me how I live in New England and am a Yankee Fan. You can now see the map of Connecticut and exactly which counties have a majority of fans being either the Yankees or Red Sox. I live on the boarder of Fairfield and New Haven counties and thus grew up in Yankee territory. Next time someone asks me this question I shall point them here.

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Enjoy the Celtics you moocher. Why don't you become a Knicks fan?

Hart said...
6:58 AM  

Blame it on my father... I deviate only on the Jets from him, mostly due to a childhood fondness for the color green. Else if I followed him down that path I'd have celebrated a few Super Bowl victories in my lifetime, rather than continual disappointment.

Additionally, it's not like the Celtics were good during my core basketball watching as a child in the 90s. The Knicks were better than them for the entire decade.

Simon said...
9:42 AM  

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