At What Point In Time Do You Get Into College Basketball?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Come late February and early March I will divest massive amounts of attention towards college hoop. I will watch a ton of conference tournaments. I will fill out bracket after bracket after bracket. I will break down data about each team. I will go full fledged into College Basketball. But until then, I'm lukewarm at best.

Maybe I'm just getting older and as the college years disappear even further into the rear view mirror I seem to care less and less about college hoops opening months. Last night there were two fantastic matchups on ESPN. Louisville throttled Notre Dame after they got them into overtime in a top 20 showdown. This was followed by #5 Oklahoma giving a Red River Beat Down to the #11 Texas Longhorns. These are games I almost certainly would not have missed in college, at the very least they would have been on in the background, and yet now I don't know how much I care. College Basketball has become almost more of a filler for me than must-see-tv in these months, thus last night instead of watching two top 20 showdowns Jack Bauer won the competition for my tv.

Anybody feel differently? / Have any idea to get me to care about January college bball again?

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