"Why You Should Only Idolize On Field Actions" By Dave Meggett

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hi Formerly Impressionable Child in the Early 90s,

Remember back in the early 90s how awesome I was? I was like the best kick returner in New York, but you thought I was the best ever. You weren't even a Giant fan but when you're buddy got my action figure you thought it was the 2nd coolest thing ever, behind your Al Toon one of course. You really just thought the short quick guy was great and that if you would ever be a football player you'd be like me?

Well guess what? I'm apparently a Rapist. And even if I'm found to be innocent, I still have a past history of abusing women. I'm pretty much a scum bag.

So Um Still want to be like me?

Thanks I Guess,
Dave Meggett

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