Breakin It Down: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Arizona Cardinals

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Breakin it down is 5 key stories plus a pick for each postseason game this season.

Kurt I Told You I'm Playing Stop Touching Me There
Anquan will be suited up on Sunday, so says he. He does not need the healing touches of Kurt the God Fearing Quarterback. So what impact does this have on the Cardinals who are coming off their best game of the season? Well it makes them even tougher to cover obviously.

The Perpetually Injured Westbrook?
Brian Westbrook is injured but will play. You Don't Say? When is Brian Westbrook actually 100% healthy? He probably came out of his mother's womb with a sprained MCL. Regardless, how effective will he be? He had 4 touchdowns against the Cards in their thanksgiving night feast. They obviously could not cover him then, will he be healthy enough to do it again.

How About Those Raucus Cardinal Fans?
Will there really be any homefield advantage this weekend for the Cardinals, or will the lone benefit for the Cards be the fact that they aren't playing in the Cold. How loud can Cardinals fans get? The bandwagon DRays fans got pretty loud in October, can the bandwagon Card fans do the same?

Can Anyone Stop Fitz?
In two weeks of playoff football the Eagles have yet to face a dominant wide receiver. The Vikings don't have one and don't have a QB to throw it to one even if they did. The Giants suspended their only playmaker who used to torment the Iggles. With Larry Fitzgerald embarrassing the Panthers in the first half last week, what are the odds the Iggles can shut him down? Limited right?

Three Straight Solid Defensive Weeks?
The Cardinals have put together two straight solid weeks. Is that the only time they've done it this season? Probably not, but I doubt they did it against two good teams. What are the chances McNabb pulls a 1/2 Jake Delhomme and turns the ball over three teams? That would certainly sink the Iggles.

The Pick
The Iggles are the better team, but the Cards should be able to stay in the game with their offense. In the end I don't see the Cards D making big stops in the fourth quarter so we're picking the Iggles.

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