The Shootaround [1/21/09]

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I've Decided to be a Friendly Neighboorhood Blogger in 2009 So We Shall Be Shooting Links Around. I'll be shooting links at stories that I like and/or stories that I find interesting but can't get to. Also, it'll come whenever I feel like it.

Brian Scalabrine is starting and the Celtics have won every game since. Obviously it's all him. [The Coach's Take]

Oh great Michigan is already amidst their annual Big 10 Collapse. [mgoblog]

Apparently True Hoop has 'The Shootaround' as well. Their's started, so I win by a few weeks, I guess. [True Hoop]

Oh God Yay, Steve Phillips will be helping out on Sunday Night Baseball. Yay. [AA]

Vandalizing a Pro Athletes Lawn is Probably Not a Good Idea. [With Leather]

Ooh Figure Skater Titty. [LIO]

Someone I talked to recently compared Larry Fitgerald to the Predator, KSK agrees. [KSK]

Syracuse's offensive coordinator from last season, Mitch Browning, is supposedly taking a job as a Graduate Assistant at Tennessee. Huh? [GoVols]

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