Do You Get An Auto Win For Drilling the Ball Boy?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You get a screaming serve down the base line, you think to yourself this is it this is the opportunity. All I need to do is line up my forehand and hit it right down the doubles line. The ballboys face is right there, one tennis ball struck perfectly gets you into the next round.

This was the situation Juan Martin Del Potro was in, and he succeeded.

Wait Your saying you don't automatically win when you drill the ballboy? Well That's nonsense.

"Suck it up kid, it's a f'n tennis ball, it's soft." Juan Martin Del Potro

Hopefully someone gets a video that's more than 6 seconds long that maybe has you know a slow motion replay so we can see exactly how much contact it made with the kids eyeball.

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And that is why you have parental consent forms.

Pat Lagreid said...
4:21 PM  

Socked that kid right in the head so it did!

Anonymous said...
12:40 AM  

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Anonymous said...
10:40 PM  

Boom! Headshot!

Anonymous said...
9:04 AM  

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