Breakin It Down: Arizona Cardinals

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Breakin it Down is usually 5 key stories plus a pick for each postseason game. But for the Super Bowl we'll do 5 keys for the Cardinals and Steelers and a post for what I think will occur.

Protect the Warner

The Warner has yet to turn into the turnover machine that he can become. He has continued to play like the MVP Warner of the Rams. But the underlying heroes of it all have been the offensive line who have given the Warner ample time to set up and hit his targets. If the Cards can keep the dirt off Warner's back and give him ample time again, he will make the Steelers pay.

Get the Edge on the Edge

In order to give the line a little bit of help, someone whether it be Edge or Hightower needs to get the rushing game going or at least the threat of a rushing game. If the Steelers continuously get the Cards into 3rd and long, than Troy is going to be celebrating a Pick 6.

Expose the Fitzie Advantage

I don't care if the Steelers double Fitzgerald on every play there will be opportunities for the Cardinals to make big plays. Fitzgerald will at minimum get a few chances to break open the game, if he can't take advantage of those opportunities than the Cardinals are as good as done.

Fluster the Cheeseburger

The Cheeseburger has yet to throw an interception this postseason, what are the odds that he will remain pick free? If the Cardinals are to win, than they will need to continue what they have done so well so far this postseason, run in front of the oppositions passes.

Jump Out to a Hot Start

The Cardinals are a high powered offense and have the capabilities to come back when down by a few scores. The problem is that other than Kurt Warner, this team lacks any Super Bowl experience. If they get down early it just might be too tough for them mentally to climb out of a hole.

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