Do You Quit During the Game or Immediately Following the Game?

Friday, January 16, 2009

You're on a basketball team. A Girls one. You guys aren't very good. You're playing some fancy pants prep school who you know you're going to lose to because they actually recruit girls that are good at basketball but you're pretty much playing to appease your father who really wished you were male.

So you suit for the game and hit the court. You're team is obviously out matched. You're giving up buckets left and right. Turning the ball over on almost every possession and certainly aren't making any shots yourself. All of a sudden the first half is over. It feels like a blur but you feel like crap. On your way to the locker room you look up at the scoreboard and read 48-0.

You sit in the locker room, depressed, wondering why the hell you listened to your dad in the first place, all while your coach is trying to give some meaningless speech. You get up and contemplate whether to just stop playing or to deal with an another half that will result in more of a beatdown.

You get on the court and run around some more all while the other team is still playing their asses off even though their up by more points than you would be able to score against them in 30 games. Eventually you get fouled. You step up to the free throw line ready to break the shut out. You sink the first one, the shut out is over and now you think well at least we got that. You airball the next one and check out mentally.

The last thing you do is walk back to the locker room. You refuse to read the scoreboard at the end of the game, but you hear the opponents saying '98-1, shit we're gonna be on TV'. The rest of the day you contemplate on quitting hoops.

Game Sum Up Courtesy of Coloradoan via Deadspin

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