The UConn Women Enjoy a Good Beat Down

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Women's college basketball is certainly not my area of expertise, but I couldn't help but notice the bottom line last night when UConn once again slaughtered a ranked opponent. This inspired me to take a look at their 20-0 record and see just how much they are beating down opponents. The answer? Very very badly. Here are some quick bullet point highlights:

~Their smallest margin of victory is 11 points.

~Their average margin of victory is 34 points.

~They have played 3 ranked teams and won each game by a minimum of 28 points.

~Oklahoma is currently the #2 team in the country, they beat them by 28.

~North Carolina was the #2 ranked team when they went to Chapel Hill and beat them by 30.

~They have won 15 games by 28 points or more.

~7 times this season they have doubled up their opponents.

~8 times they've won by 44 points or more.

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they should probably fire the coach; isn't that what you do in girls basketball after destroying teams?

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