History of the Super Bowl Rushing Record

Monday, January 26, 2009

Over the next week and a half I'll be charting out the progressions of some of the Super Bowl Records. Why? Because we all want to learn.

The Super Bowl Record was set and broken during each of the first three Super Bowls. First Jim Taylor rushed for 56 yards to lead the way in Super Bowl I. The next year Ben Wilson rushed for 62 yards to help the Packers take back to back titles in their Super Bowl II Victory. In Super Bowl III the Jets Matt Snell and the Colts Tom Matte became the first running backs to rush for over 100 yards but it was Snell who set the standard at 121. This record stood for 5 years until Larry Csonka rushed for 145 yards in the Dolphins Super Bowl VIII demolishion fo the Purple People Eaters. The People Eaters decided to give up even more yards the next year when Franco Harris rushed for 158 yards to lead the Steelers to their Super Bowl IX victory. This standard lasted 8 years until John Riggins rushed for 166 yards against the defenseless Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII. Riggins record last one calendar year as Marcus Allen rushed for 191 yards in the Raiders win in Super Bowl XVIII. Finally Timmy Smith of the Washington Redskins holds the current record as he is the only player in NFL history to rush for over 200 yards in a Super Bowl when he topped out at 204 in the Redskins Super Bowl XXII win.

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