My Jets Wish List: LBJ

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What do the Jets need really really badly? A ton of things, like how about a quarterback that doesn't throw interceptions all the god damn time. Yes, but that's not the answer I was looking for. Someone in the secondary that can actually cover someone? Again yes, but not the answer I was focusing on. The answer I was looking for was a tall, fast and physically dominant wide receiver that commands a double team on every play.

What person on the planet is a free agent, runs a somewhere around a 4.5 40 is listed at 6 foot 8 250 pounds and is cut like Adonis? Lebron James.

Just imagine it for a second. Lebron is incredibly physical and built for an NBA player. Nobody in the league is more athletic than him. Nobody can out jump him in the NBA, a league built on jumpers. So tell me what cornerback would be able to cover him on a 7 yard fade route in the end zone? Again logically think about this for a second, who are the most dominant receivers in the NFL. I'll toss out a few Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Anquan Boldin, Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, Plaxico Burress, etc. Of those players Johnson is the tallest listed at 6-5. Now again think about how Burress, Moss and Johnson dominate, Speed and Height that smaller cornerbacks can't match up with. So, if they can't match up with someone 6-5 who's fast and can jump, how would they match up with someone that's 6 foot 8 and jumps through the roof?

I honestly believe I can make a case that Lebron James would be the best wide receiver and most uncoverable wide receiver in the NFL. The only questions are how great are his hands (I'd imagine very good, he seems to catch everything around him pass/steal wise) and does he want to play football? Well he thinks about it everyday...

So LBJ if you care to take a 2 year Jordan-esque sabbatical, feel free to put on a Green #23 jersey.

Pic from Lebron 2010

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I need to stop doing such good drugs. I thought you wanted Lyndon Johnson on the Jets.

Although a zombie would have it's uses.

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