History of the Super Bowl Completion Record

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Over the next week and a half I'll be charting out the progressions of some of the Super Bowl Records. Why? Because we all want to learn.

Hey look it's Bart Starr again setting the initial standard with 16 completions. Unlike his passing record though it was shared with Len Dawson in Super Bowl I and didn't last twelve years. Joe Willy knocked off the record by 1 completion in the Super Bowl III upset.

The next four QBs got the record but not the big W. Fran Tarkenton surpassed the record by 1 completion in his Super Bowl VIII loss. Good ole Jaws tied the record when the Eagles lost in XV. Ken Anderson pushed the record to 25 completions the next year in his Super Bowl XVI loss. Danny Marino threw 29 completions in his Super Bowl XIX loss to Montana. Jim Kelly than took the record in one of his four Super Bowl losses, completing 31 passes in Super Bowl XXVIII.

Finally good Ole Tom Brady got himself a record ten years later when he completed his 32 pass in Super Bowl XXXVIII.

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