Breakin It Down: Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Friday, January 16, 2009

Breakin it down is 5 key stories plus a pick for each postseason game this season.

Will Fast Willie Hit the Edge?
Chris Johnson exposed the outside of the Ravens defense as slow and in the first half of their matchup he was abusing them on each carry. Fast Willie is nicknamed 'Fast' so one would imagine that he is 'Fast', will he be able to have the same success outside the hash marks as did 'Dash' Johnson.

Big Ben No Get Head Ache?
The Cheeseburger actually played well last week. "Look ma no turnovers". And he was only sacked one team meaning he didn't get a ridiculous concussion and have to get stretchered off the field with his thumb raised. So against a better defense, what are the chances the Steelers keep dirt off their Cheeseburger?

Who Collects the 'Hit' Money?
The Ravens have a hit on Hines Ward. They may say they don't in public, but come on the Defensosaurus Rex is obviously fine with injuring the other teams players. So who plays the role of a little extra contact after the whistle is called for that extra ankle tweek?

Does Flacco Have Three Good Throws In Him?
Like I pointed out earlier, Joe Flacco is essentially putting up the same numbers Trent Dilfer did in 2001, which essentially means he isn't doing much. Last week Flacco made three big plays. He hit a wideopen Derrick Mason for the deep td. He got lucky with the odds of his Arm Punt to Clayton. And finally he made a big throw to Todd Heap on the non-Delay of Game call. So does Flacco have those three throws in him again? Without them, the Ravens offense has no chance of scoring enough points to win this game.

And Finally When Does Ed Reed Get a Pick 6?
No pick 6 last week Ed? Hell not even one interception? You think you're offense can afford you not putting up points two weeks in a row? Ya that's not gonna work out well. You need to get on your horse, pick off Big Ben. Fly to the end zone while taunting him on the sidelines. Run back and chest bump the Defensosaurus. You'll need that to win this weekend.

The Pick
An All Pennsylvania Super Bowl. Ok, so I think I may or may not have picked all of the Vegas favorites so far this postseason which makes me feel gross inside.

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