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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm on the fence on who I want to root for in the Superbowl. In one corner we have the Pittsburgh Steelers who are going for the most Super Bowl titles in history, have in recent years knocked the Jets in the playoffs and have a fanbase consisting of many cocky assholes / frontrunners. In the other corner we have the lowly Arizona Cardinals, a team nobody has cared about for decades looking for their first title in their histroy. Most people will naturally go towards the underdog Cardinals and hope they get their first title. Me on the other hand? I'm bitter.

Here are the records of the teams the Cardinals beat this year: 7-9, 11-5, 7-9, 9-7, 2-14, 7-9, 4-12, 2-14, 4-12. They went 6-0 in the division and 3-7 in their remaining games, defeating the Cowgirls in overtime, the Bills who were highly overrated, and the Dolphins in the 2nd week of the season when Chad obviously still had no idea what the playbook was. One of their victories over the 49ers was due to blatant luck thanks to idiocy on the opposing sidelines. They made the playoffs strictly because they played in the worst division in the history of pro football. They received homefield advantage in the NFC Championship game over a team who had a better record, again strictly because of their shitty division. Does anyone think that playing in perfect dome conditions instead of snowy, freezing cold Philly didn't have a beneficial effect on the Cardinal's play? Finally and most importantly the Cardinals were thoroughly embarrassed several times this year including of course their destruction in the Meadowlands.

The Jets put 56 f'n points up against the Cardinals. This included the Jets holding a 34-0 lead at half time. The Jets forced 7 turnovers including 6 by Warner alone and blocked a kick. Brett Favre put up 6 of his 22 touchdowns. The Cardinals offensive line couldn't stop the Jets defense and the Cardinals defense looked inept. It was a thorough dismantling by the men in Green ugly blue and mustard.

At the end of the season the Cardinals and Jets ended up with the same record, 9-7. The Jets played in a better division and beat better teams (Pats, Dolphins, Cardinals and Titans) yet sit at home with a new coach and a QB who won't make up his mind until July on whether to come back or not. Meanwhile, the Cardinals and their shitty record in their shitty division were rewarded with the luck of playing all playoff games in perfect conditions and now get to play in the god damn Super Bowl. The Super Bowl, something I have never enjoyed as a fan and don't perceive enjoying anytime in the near future. I'm bitter, I'm jealous, I'm angry and come Super Bowl Sunday I just might be rooting for one thing and one thing alone... BOOZE.

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