Herman Es Fired

Monday, January 26, 2009

Over the weekend the Herminator was Terminated by Scott Pioli. It was kind of a joke that when Pioli was hired he stated that it wasn't a formality that Herman Edwards was fired. I guess 99.99% is not a formality in Pioli's eyes. Regardless the Herminator shall be unemployed for at least a little bit and perhaps may never get another head coaching job. But is the Herminator really a bad coach?

His record in Kansas City was atrocious. He only won 6 games the past 2 seasons. He looks like an absolutely horrid coach right now, but his quarterbacks were Tyler Thigpen, Damon Huard and Brody Croyle the past two years. Can you possibly assemble a shittier trio (Lions fans will probably argue yes)? In 8 years of coaching the Herminator has led his team to the playoffs 4 times. That's actually pretty good. Sure he never went far in the playoffs, but if Doug Brien could kick a god damn field goal they would have been in the AFC title game and then who knows (they would have lost to the Patriots badly). In the 5 years that he was coach of the Jets I generally enjoyed him. He was entertaining, he was quotable, the team hit expectations in the years Chad was healthy, his clock management was a bit shitty but he obviously wasn't the best coahc in the world so you live with it. In the end he just pissed me off royally because he blatantly lied to all of New York City about the Kansas City Job.

Anyway back off the Jets tangent, Herm is a middle of the pack NFL coach and should not be judged by the past two years alone. He did better with the Jets than did Mangini, and he got a job 11 days after he was let go. So will the Herm get another chance? Will someone give him his first defensive coordinator gig? Or will he be placed back into the NFL muck as a secondary coach? Only time will tell.

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