Breakin It Down: Super Bowl Sunday

Friday, January 30, 2009

Breakin it Down is usually 5 key stories plus a pick for each postseason game. But for the Super Bowl we'll do 5 keys for the Cardinals and Steelers and a post for what I think will occur.

Pre Game Activity of Choice

Drinking and Eating on repeat.

Beer of Choice

Typically Cold Beer is the beer of choice. However, after delicously taste testing free beer at the Harpoon Brewery in Boston, I think I will start the evening by cracking open a Leviathon Imperial IPA which weighs in at 10% Alcohol by Volume which equals delicousness.

Snack of Choice

So many snacks to choose from on Super Bowl sunday but I'm going with the pre-made frozen pop 'em in the oven delicousness of Bagel Bites. I don't think you can ever really go wrong with these things.

Half Time Activities

Not listening to the Boss. Doing anything but listening to the Boss. Hopefully, doing something involving beverages delicious golden beverages.

The Rooting Interests

Right now I really could care less who wins the Super Bowl. I'd imagine I will decide depending on the mood to either A) Root with the majority cause everyone is rooting for the same team or B) Root against the majority just to annoy people / bring balance to the room. This decision will be made after a beverages have been delivered down the throat, and could be directly correlated to my performance in any pre-game competitions.

The Pick

In case you haven't seen the incredibly boring pattern in my playoff picks, I've gone favorite after favorite after favorite. So in a not so shocking pick, I'm going with the Steelers.

Why? Defense and my inability to convince myself that the Cardinals are actually good. Sure they they just won three games, but everything slid just right for them. They got two undeserved home games. The weather in Carolina was perfect. Jake Delhomme decided he wanted to go Crawfishin the following day in the Bayou. The Iggles decided Fitz didn't need to be covered tightly.

Is Three Day Cheeseburger more likely to throw the game down the toilet than Kurt Warner? I definitely think so. Are the Cardinals more likely to explode than the Steelers? Probably. Is it likely that the Steelers can actually cover the Cardinals wideouts? Probably not. Does Wisenhunt have an advantage running the offense having worked against the Steeler defense for years? Probably.

But all of that doesn't matter. I can't convince that a team the Jets mauled can win the Super Bowl. So...

Pittsburgh 27 Arizona 20

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