ESPN Salary Crunch, Helping You Feel Even Shittier About Your Day Job

Friday, January 30, 2009

In an effort to make it easier to calculate just how poorly you get paid in comparison to Major League Baseball Players, ESPN has developed Salary Crunch. Salary Crunch gives you the ability to establish just how much work some of your favorite MLB players have to do in order to make your salary. So say you make 62,000 dollars a year (aka me-ish), Krod makes that for every out he records. Weeeee, see how good that makes you feel about yourself. He can throw one pitch and make my entire yearly salary.

Ok Let's have fun with a generic salary, say 400K because I bet important people make 400K in a year.

Only 70 years as an important person and you too can make Arod's yearly salary. Well that's simple enough.

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