History of the Super Bowl Passing Yards Record

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Over the next week and a half I'll be charting out the progressions of some of the Super Bowl Records. Why? Because we all want to learn. First Up, the Passing Yards Record.

The Passing Yards record of course starts like every other Super Bowl record, in Super Bowl I. The difference with this record and many others is that it didn't immediately fall, in fact Bart Starr's record of 250 stood for 12 years until Terry Bradshaw in XIII became the first QB to throw for for over 300, hitting for 314 total yards. This record was surpassed by both Joe Montana and Dan Marino in the Super Bowl XIX showdown, but it was Montana who set the new record at 331 yards. The record stood for 3 years when Doug Williams lead the Redskins to their Super Bowl XXII victory by throwing for 340 yards. Doug got to hold onto the record for one single year as Montana took back the record the next year when he threw for 357 yards in another win. Joe's record stood for 11 years until Kurt Warner's Rams won Super Bowl XXXIV after he had an MVP performance throwing for 414 yards. Warner's record has stood for ten years now with him potentially getting the chance to break it once again.

If you're looking for one big thing in common between all of these QBs, it's that they all won the Super Bowl that year. So, set the record number for yards in a Super Bowl, and get yourself a win.

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