In Which We Welcome the Defensosaurus as Our Head Coach

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It took the Jets approximately an hour to call Rex Ryan after the Ravens lost on Sunday and agree to him being hired as the Jets new Head Coach. Considering he's pretty much a defensive guru here are a few quick things that I hope he can solve with the defense.

1. Motivate Kris Jenkins in the offseason to get in shape so that he doesn't fade over the final weeks of the year.

2. Get something, anything out of Vernon Gholston.

3. Find someone, either through draft or free agency or magical development, able to cover a receiver opposite Revis.

4. If not able to find a cornerback, find a way to consistantly rush the quarterback to alleviate pressure on the secondary.

5. Start utilizing Kerry Rhodes in roles other than doubling the receiver that can't be covered by the shitty other cornerback.

6. Develop someone on defense who can take a leadership role and motivate his teammates.

7. Develop defensive toughness and pride. In key spots the Jets defense faded in 2008.

8. We gave Calvin Pace a ridiculous contract, I think it's safe to ask for more than 7 sacks if he's supposed to be our go to rusher.

And for the offense, let's hope that he hires someone with a little better play calling skills. Or kicks Schotty in the head to knock some sense in him if he sticks around.

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