My Jets Wishlist: Taylor Mays

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Taylor Mays is staying at USC. Why? I guess he doesn't like money? Or maybe he just gets rotational BJs from the cheerleading squad? One way or another it looks like he has as much chance of being a Jet in 2009 as does Lebron wearing Green and White.

It's the offseason so it's time to focus on players I want, that will once again give me the hope that will at some point eventually be shattered.

Abram Elam stepped into the starting Safety position this year, and while he made some big plays he certainly isn't an intimidating force. The Jets really need someone in the secondary that can lay on some huge hits and that's where Taylor Mays could potentially come in. Take a look at some of this wonderous hit.

In addition Mays is 6-3 230 pounds of pure muscle with a sub 4.40 40 time and was the 3 time 100 yard dash winner in Washington.

Taylor Mays would look pretty in Green.

Put Taylor on the 2010 Wish List.

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