Breakin It Down: Arizona Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers

Friday, January 09, 2009

Breakin it down is 5 key stories plus a pick for each postseason game this season.

Will the Tough Guy Play?
For all the Wide Receivers that are primadonnas, Boldin is one tough son of a bitch. The man looked like he was decapitated against the Jets and he ended up breaking his face and yet he played a few weeks later. Then last week he told the media despite being injured, that if they thought he wasn't playing than they were pretty dumb. Well what about this week when he's even more injured? The man is a beast and without him the Cardinals offense is much less dangerous.

When Shall the Old Man Drop the Ball?
Warner last week only had one turnover, an interception which hit his wideout in the shoulder and popped straight into the air. What's the chance that in back to back weeks against good defenses he doesn't hit a crooked number in the turnover column?

Will They Rush for 300 Yards or More?
The Cardinals last week surprised me. I expected them to be gashed by Michael Turner all day long but they weren't, far from it. Instead they held Turner to under 3 yards a carry and forced a fumble. Can the Cardinals do the same to a more dynamic rushing attack.

The Ragin Cajun's Inconsistency
I don't know if there is a more inconsistent QB in the NFL then the Del-Homie. In 6 games this year the Cajun had a QB rating above 100, which is phenomenal. Then he's pitiful games like the Raiders 7-27 12.3 QB rating outing, the Tampa 3 interception day with a 38 QB rating, or the Bears 12 for 21 for 128 yard and no touchdown performance. So which Del-Homie shows up? The Great? Or the Miserable?

Avoiding the Plane Flight Voodoo
The Cardinals have been... searching for the appropriate wording... shit when playing on the east coast this year. They were pounded by the Jets. Demolished by Philly. Embarrassed by the Pats. And lost to both Washington and Carolina. The Eastern Time Zone hasn't not been kind. What are the chances they turn that trend around?

The Pick
Sorry but the trend of losing every single game on the East coast is a bit too much to go against, especially without Boldin. If this game was in Arizona I would probably pick the Cardinals, but you just can't with the game in Carolina.

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