Coach Jags, You're Fired

Monday, January 05, 2009

"If you take that interview than You Are Fired." These are the words that Jeff Jagodzinski the Boston College Coach has apparently heard over the past few days. If he accepts the offer to interview for the New York Jets job he will be fired from his current head coaching position.

From my perspective this seems like a pretty idiotic threat for the Boston College AD Gene DeFilippo to pull. First off, the New York Jets are obviously a more high profile and better paying job than head coach at Boston College. Threatening an employee for looking for improvement in his life is pretty much a dickhead move. Secondly, does anybody really think that the Jets would hire him as their coach? He seems like a good coach, BC has performed well in his past two seasons and he helped mold Matt Ryan into one of the best rookie QBs of all time, but the Jets have to being looking for a PR smash and Coach Jags would not be that. So what's the point of the threat? He's not going to get the job, so essentially you're forced to fire a good coach one that's lead you to back to back division crowns or you're forced to back track and deal with the slippery footing you created. Are you just still reeling from Tom O'Brien bouncing BC for conference rival NC State? If you're Coach Jags I imagine that you want to get any other high profile job instead of BC.

All in all this just seems like the move of either an incredibly insecure Athletic Director or an AD looking for any excuse to fire his head coach. It's one thing to say no to a Coach trying to use other interviews as a negotiating chip to get a raise, it's another to threaten to fire the man for simply interviewing. It just seems plain stupid.

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Coach Jags was the offensive coordinator at green bay before he took the job to replace tom obrien.

If favre decides to stay which most assume he will, then jags experience with favre will definitely be an advantage.

Joe Faria said...
3:09 PM  

Whatever caused this contoversy, either the AD hearing about it second or Coach Jag denying that he had been in contact with the Jets, it never should have been aired in the press.

Because of the AD's insecure sabre-rattling, it made BC look foolish.

Peter Dalton said...
11:57 PM  

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