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Friday, January 02, 2009

In my head the other day I was thinking about possible spots for Manny Ramirez to land that hopefully aren't the Bronx and one team came to mind right away. This team has great young pitching but absolutely positively no hitting. This team just went out and grabbed a hall of fame pitcher in free agency to round out their rotation. This team used to have a great left fielder that was equally noted for his mannerisms as much as his play. This team is the San Fransisco Giants, and word out of San Fran is that the Giants are in fact interested in bringing in the dreadlocks from the rival Dodgers.

Take a look at the Giants roster for one second. The team consists of Randy Winn, Aaron Rowand, Fred Lewis, Edgar Renteria and Bengie Molina. Those are their top bats. Then you have no names at 1B, 3B and 2B. That lineup has zero star power and almost no chance and getting an all star.

Meanwhile their pitching staff has potential to be great. Tiny Tim already won a Cy Young. Matt Cain can improve to be beastly. Randy Johnson still has solid stuff when healthy and he will be highly motivated to get to 300 wins. Barry Zito actually started to turn it around the 2nd half of the year and Noah Lowry and Jonathan Sanchez could be solid contributors to the back end of the rotation.

Needless to say if the Giants want to compete for the NL West title they need to add a bat, and last year proved that Manny can still be an absolute force. In addition you would take him away from your Rivals. I think this is the perfect spot for a Manny acquisition.

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