OU vs. UF Starter's Recruiting Numbers

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Taking a look at the Scout.com recruiting rankings of the starting lineups for both OU and UF, reveals that the Gators are playing kids who were deemed more talented.

Florida Offense vs. Oklahoma Defense

If you're wondering why the Gators Offense is always so damn good under Urban Meyer well recruiting certainly is one of the reasons. The Gators have six players on offense that were deemed top 6 in the country in their position obviously led by Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin. It was Aaron Hernandez the tight end from Connecticut however who was the only one to be deemed the best at his position. The OU defense counters with with top ranked Defensive Tackle Gerald McCoy. The strength of the OU recruting outside of McCoy seems to be in the secondary where they have three 4 star recruits. Meanwhile their front 7 consists of Mike Balogun a JuCo recruit in his first year at OU and Jeremy Beal an unranked 2 star recruit.

Oklahoma Offense vs. Florida Defense

If you take a look at the Oklahoma Offense and their recruiting numbers it really isn't that impressive. Their Tight End Jermaine Gresham was the highest rated at his individual position while Sam Bradford is unsurprisingly the next highest rated recruit they have but he was only deemed worthy of 4 stars and the 17th rated QB overall (Demarco Murray was 5 star but he's out). What Oklahoma does have however is experience. The majority of their Offensive line are seniors. Iglesias while only a 2 star recruit has 4 varsity letters. Meanwhile the Gators Defense has 3 five star recruits and a ton of 4 star recruits. The Gators have one player Lawrence Marsh who was not ranked by Scout but he was deemed three stars not two like Iglesias. Following the 5 star players are twins Maurkice and Michael Pouncey who were both four star recruits and have certainly built up some chemistry through the years.


If you're the type who takes these recruiting numbers to heart than the Gators are suiting up a much more talented starting lineup than the Sooners and should win tonights matchup.

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