The Shootaround [1/12/09]

Monday, January 12, 2009

I've Decided to be a Friendly Neighboorhood Blogger in 2009 So We Shall Be Shooting Links Around. I'll be shooting links at stories that I like and/or stories that I find interesting but can't get to. Also, it'll come whenever I feel like it.

Waaah Waaah Waaah. Tar Heel fans are upset with opposing fans rushing the court. Well then either A) Stop Losing or B) Stop Being Really Really Good. [Carolina March]

Guess Who's Number 1 on the Google Search for 'white nba players'? Me of Course [Google]

Hockey in the Red Square looks pretty damn cool. [Ranger Pundit (also this blogger is like 80, props to him)]

If You Had to pick a Song to Play to Delhomme's Highlight Video from Saturday would you pick anything other than Beck 'Loser'? [Black Sports]

Broncos fans are seemingly happy with the McDaniels Hire. [Mile High Report]

The Offside is not please with IOSS's demise, and really who is. [The Offside]

Congrats goes to an infant child for he already one an internet blog award for man of the year. [Deadspin]

Should the Ravens gotten a Safety called? I say no, he says yes. [Fanhouse]

A Fulmer Cup Predictor. [Miami Hawk Talk]

Speaking of Miami of Ohio, Do Not Call Them Miami of Ohio or they will get very angry. [mgoblog]

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