2008 PGA Championship Preview

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Last major of the year and while the PGA Championship holds far and away the least amount of luster of the 4 majors it still has the field and a lot of intrigue. This year the tourney heads to the great state of Michigan and to Oakland Hills a site typically used for US Opens in the past and the course where Andy North of ESPN won one of his majors.

4 People to Watch to Contend

The Aussie - Geoff Ogilvy - Given that Oakland Hills is typically utilized as a US Open course one could expect some of those that thrive on the hardest courses to thrive here. Additionally Ogilvy has three straight top ten finishes at the PGA Championship so he should be in the hunt come sunday.

Crazy Asian - KJ Choi - KJ held the lead in the Open and then completely disappeared. Over the last 4 years KJ has finished in the top 12 three times at the PGA Championship including 6th in 2004. He's always been a solid player and if he holds up this trophy it will not be surprising.

British Colored Pants - Ian Poulter - I'm a sucker for the Pink Pants. Do I really really think he can win? No, but if he's there on Sunday it means ridiculous outfits.

American Darkhorse - Steve Stricker - Stricker has played well in the last two majors including a 7th place finish at the British. In addition he's averaged a 15th place finish over the last two years at the PGA Championship.

3 People Who Might Surprisingly Miss the Cut

The Shocking - Padraig Harrington - Paddy doesn't historically play well at the PGA Championship and given his semi vacation after the Open Championship I would not be surprised if he didn't wind up playing on Saturday.

The Loudmouth - Rory Sabbatini - Once again we will continue to pick Sabbatini to miss the cut because I don't like him. (I got it right last Major)

The Gimmee - John Daly - I need to get one thing right, and well John Daly is really more interested in shot gunning 15 beers after the round than actually playing in the round.

2 People to Root For this Weekend

The People's Hated - Sergio Garcia - Come on, can't we all just cheer for a solid pair of red pants and the fifty second club wiggle for once? I mean last major he got outscored by his girlfriends father. I mean that's really got to be a kick in the groin. So maybe just maybe if people cheer for Sergio he could come through. (Perhaps he should make sure his scorecard is correct this year)

The Locale Boy - JJ Henry - This is standard, and if he's in a major he sits in the root for section.

1 Winner

Adam Scott - It's time for Scott to win a major. He's been around too long with only a TPC under his belt. He's got too much skill and too much potential to not get over the hump. This year is his year.

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