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Monday, August 11, 2008

Apparently one thing in golf you can continually count on is Sergio blowing up on the back 9 on Sunday in a major. If there was a sunday lined up perfectly for Sergio to take home his first major, it was most certainly yesterday. And yet he of course found a way to cough it up.

Simply put the start of Sergio's round could not have started off better. After two holes Sergio had rifled in two drives, had pinpointed his approach shots and had tapped in his easy putts for birdie and eagle. By the 6th hole Sergio had reached -3 under a share of the lead. This share of the lead would eventually disintegrate and the 2007 British Open was about to be rehashed. Watching Padraig once again pummel the back 9 of a major, Sergio got that same choking feeling and dunked one in the water. And then of course tied up with Harrington on the 17th with a closer putt, Sergio followed up Paddy's thrilling birdie with the typical missed putt. Then needing a birdie on the final hole and watching Harrington push his drive into a fairway bunker, Sergio once again had an opening. An opening he threw away by driving into the thick rough. And minutes later it was over, another choke story in Sergio's career.

Of course after the event everyone wanted to fire the choker questions at Sergio, which is responded as so:

“Why are you making this a disappointment?” he snapped at his questioner in the twilight glow outside Oakland Hills. “Obviously I was trying to win, but that’s it. It’s not disappointing.” Yahoo

Maybe he just doesn't get it. If you ain't first your last.

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