Newly Refurbished Jets Expectations

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hey, I'm not a delusional man, hell I'm not typically a tiny bit optimistic, but hell is Favre day. The Jets have the potential to make the playoffs now and really that's much better than it would have been yesterday. Are they going to win the division or the Superbowl? Chances are pretty darn slim, but do I actually want to watch their games now. Yep.

Anyway let's take a look at their schedule.

Week 1: At Miami, if they lose this game then my pessimism and typical depression will set in.

Week 2: New England, they play the Patriots tough in the second game last year but I will be completely expecting a loss. I just hope they don't get pummeled.

Week 3: At San Diego, Outside of New England this is their hardest game hands down. LaDainian is the Brett Favre of running backs remember.

Week 4: Arizona, This game will be tough if Matt Leinert emerges as a solid QB this year, if not this should be a win.

Week 5: BYE, Automatic no lose situation. Wooo.

Week 6: Cincy, I have no idea what to expect from the mess in Cincy. They could score a billion points or break into multiple in fights

Week 7: at Oakland, I hate Oakland, they better win this game.

Week 8: KC, Must beat Herm.

Week 9: At Buffalo, They typically struggle in Buffalo so

Week 10: St. Louis, This is another game they must win.

Week 11: At New England, Ya loss.

Week 12: At Tennessee, Hopefully Vince Young struggles mightily once again this year. Chances are this will be a defensive struggle where Favre or Young will need to make plays in the 4th.

Week 13: Denver, Denver should be competing for the Wildcard with the Jets so this will be an essential game.

Week 14: At San Francisco, San Fran will have a mediocre QB, this is a must win.

Week 15: Buffalo, The Jets really need to win their 4 games against non-Pats inner division rivals if they want to make the postseason.

Week 16: At Seattle, Probably the toughest place in the NFL so I think winning this game, unless Seattle is out of it will be doubtful.

Week 17: Miami, Hopefully this game is relevant.

So I marked 4 games down as pretty much losses (NE*2, @SD, @SEA) the rest of the games are winnable. Will they win all of them? No. But is it too much to hope for 9-7 or pushing really really hard for 10-6. I don't think so.

Trade Consequence

The Jets are going to give up at minimum a 4th round pick, but in reality they will e giving up a 3rd round pick unless Favre gets injured. Obviously the 2nd round pick might be a bit tough to deal with if they get pummeled in the first round of the playoffs, but I can live with the potential of that happening. And finally giving up a 1st round pick to see the Jets in the Superbowl for the first time in my life would be cool, even though that is very very very very doubtful.

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