What is the Manliest Olympic Sport?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Its the Olympic games and there are a ton of events to determine the strongest pound per pound man, the best fighter, the best swimmer, the fastest man, etc. But which sport really is the manliest?

Weight Lifting - Really whats more than lifting a shit load of weight directly over your head? The actual attempt takes about 5 seconds and all you do in training is make yourself stronger and stronger and more durable. It's tough to think of something more testosterone driven than weight lifting.

Shooting - Screw testosterone driven, the manliest sport in the Olympics is shooting. What kind of man really works that hard to get himself in shape? Getting in shape isn't that manly. No shooting shot guns and rifles now thats manly. You pack your gun up head to the range and shoot at stuff. That's your training. Simplistic and manly.

Wrestling - Any of the fighting events (Boxing, Judo, etc.) could have been used here as well, but Wrestling is used because its the oldest Olympic fighting sport. No punching and no kicking just take downs, throwing your opponent around and beating the crap out of them. And whats more manly than pummeling another man into submission?

Water Polo - You may not thinking of Water Polo as particularly a manly sport on face value and then you need to listen to what actually goes on in the pool. It's basically a brawl in the water where refs can't see nut punches and punches to the face are disguised as swim strokes. It's a non stop battle of fighting and attempting to drown your opponents.

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I'd have to give a nod to the decathlon and the rings. Ten events over two days requires testosterone by the bucket load and even though the average male gymnast is maybe 5-foot-5 and 140 pounds, the sheer power required to perform on the rings is just plain awesome.

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