If He's Your Next Closer Where Was He Last Week?

Monday, August 04, 2008

Billy Wagner is scheduled to undergo an MRI today on his forearm, uh oh, and so the Mets need to scramble for a closer for this week and potentially for the remainder of the year. So who should the Mets turn to? Heilman? Nope. Sanchez? Nope. Feliciano? Nope. Than whom? Eddie Kunz of course.

Kunz is a former Beaver closer and has been dominant in the minor leagues this season, so he's viewed as their potential closer of the future. And according to sportsline that future just might be now. So the question to be answered is, if he's good enough to be the 2nd in line for the closers job why the hell wasn't he called up and contributing to the big league club prior to this weekend?

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