Hoorah, Goodbye Manny

Friday, August 01, 2008

Even with the Yanks getting the crap kicked out of them last night by the Angels, it was a very good day to be a Yankee fan. For all the stupid annoying stuff that Manny pulls every year and for all the escapades in the outfield, Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz have combined to be the best duo in MLB for a very long time. And now that duo is dead and we shall rejoice.

Let's just take a quick gander at how much of a Yankee killer Manny Ramirez has been. In 2008 Manny is hitting .417 with an OPS of 1.301, in 07 he hit .392 with a 1.161 OPS, in 06 he hit .556 with an OPS of 1.778 (that's f'n ridiculous), in 05 he hit .324 with an OPS of 1.034, and for his career overall he is at .321 with an OPS of 1.029. He has been nothing less than the bane of the Yankees pitching staff. And in the postseason for Boston he has been extraordinary as well. In 9 postseason series with the Red Sox he has hit over .300 in 7 of them. Most importantly Ramirez hit over .300 in every single series in 2004, in helping the Red Sox secure their first title in basically ever fans life time.

So we opponents shall rejoice in the fact that no longer will Manny be crushing homers off Mike Mussina over the Green Monster. Rather the Yankees shall be facing Jason Bay. A solid player who is a borderline all star, but whom has never even sniffed a pennant race nevermind the postseason. What will Jason Bay do in a Red Sox uniform? Will the pressure eat at him or will he thrive? No one knows. What we do know is that Manny did thrive and that the Red Sox in order to get rid of his headache were forced to take a player of lesser hitting prowess, pay off Manny's contract and give up two players from their roster. Well then that's a pretty good day. Thanks go to Manny for being an unbearable asshole.

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