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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First somehow someway a family in Green Bay bought a Favre Jets jersey six years ago. Apparently the guy got the jersey for his wife and didn't notice the fact that there was no yellow in jersey and that the green was the wrong color and that there's a big Jets logo on the sleeve (Midwestern Intelligence at its finest). The family has season tickets and the woman even wore the jersey to several home games which basically tells the story that Midwesterners are nicer than New Yorkers cause if someone wore a Packer Pennington jersey to the Meadowlands they would be made fun of the entire game.

I guess the bigger question is how the hell did this jersey actually get made? I mean there was never really any Favre to the Jets rumors a long way back. Was someone at the ole NFL Jersey factory really just not paying attention for a couple of hours? And if so, wouldn't you think that a jersey like this would not find its way to a retail store but rather to some lucky Jet fan in Nicaragua?

And this is your downloadable Madden cover with Favre on the Jets. For some reason I think a lot of people (and by a lot I mean almost everyone) are just gonna be ok with the Packer Favre on the front of their Madden box.

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very nice! hahahahaha

10:01 AM  

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ellen said...
6:04 AM  

It is bad enough that I walked in to 7/11 today and they were selling some crap for the NFL Madden game with Favre's GBay picture all over but now I see this picture!! Nightmare!

It has been a long fall for this Cheesehead and I am not happy about Aaron "Jay Fiedler" Rodgers at all.

Those are some serious loser Packers fan who still rolled with the Jets Favre jersey.

Mac G said...
11:05 PM  

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