Out of Conference Scheds: Big 12

Friday, August 08, 2008

Instead of going through analysis of given teams, for which I would probably just be guessing, I rather am going to assess each conferences schedules. In particular each conference Out of Conference schedules to see if they like the cupcakes or an actual challenge.


The Big 12 which I typically find the least interesting conference in America has surprisingly put together a solid rotation of games. With the exception of Texas Tech, whom seems like the Big 12s version of Wisconsin in accordance to aversion of difficult games, the Big 12 plays a bunch of tough games. The Big 12s biggest positive is that for the most part they avoided any bottom of the BCS bottom of the barrel teams. They have games against top conference schools like Va Tech and WVU and then they play a bunch of middle of the pack to contender BCS schools like Illinois, Arkansas, Miami, FSU, etc. The worst BCS opponents they play are arguably the Washington schools but even they are no Duke or Northwestern or Stanford teams you know are going to finish at the bottom of their conference.

1 Team Out of Conference Sum Up: Texas

I feel Texas sums up the Big 12 out of conference schedule the best as they fall right in the middle of the difficulty level. The Longhorns like most of the conference squads favor staying home. Only Iowa St. has more than 1 road game, meanwhile 3 teams Texas included never leave their home state. Additionally Texas has one difficult out of conference game, the typical Big 12 amount with a surrounding package of a decent squad (UTEP) and a few very easy home games.

Final Say

While I'm overall impressed with the Big 12s scheduling I really wish that those games against WVU and Va Tech involved Oklahoma and Texas rather than Colorado and Nebraska. All in all Texas Tech is really the only Big 12 school to be completely ashamed with their scheduling where as you have to give the Buffs the most credit for putting together to big time matchups against FSU and WVU at the tale end of their out of conference games.

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I agree that the schedules are more interesting this year and I think you might have missed a few things by focusing on BCS opponents. Oklahoma State and Troy will be an interesting match-up (remember who won that one last year).

Tech plays at Nevada, which could be a lot of fun and also plays UMass, a top notch FCS program--which will be interesting along with the App State game in Baton Rouge after the Ann Arbor disaster last year.

Oklahoma vs. TCU will also be a rematch in which the BCS team will try to get redemption, and the last A&M v. Army game (which is inherently interesting with the military traditions) was an instant classic. A&M also travels to New Mexico, which is a very dangerous idea if you want to win your non-conference games. These are also games worth watching in my opinion.

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