There Goes the Evening Commute

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm only 25 years old, so when you say something lasted 19 years long that means that it filled up essentially any moment where I have a memory. And that what Mike and the Mad Dog has done, they have been on the airwaves for 19 years. I remember listening to them coming home from summer camps year after year in the car with my father. I remember tuning them in on afternoon days when I was in high school. And for three years with my miserable hour long commute, they have held the majority of my airwaves. And now, whether it be due to irreconcilable differences between Francessa and Russo or whether it be due to the $15.5 million dollar bank that Russo is rumored to be about to make, it is all over. The Mike and the Mad Dog program is done and the afternoon commute shall never be the same.

Here's the tearful departure turned Remix version from last Friday.

Courtesy of Tirico Suave

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I live in Alabama, so I get jack for sports radio, but even I know that this is a pretty big deal.Cool video find.

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