Out of Conference Scheds: Big Ten

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Instead of going through analysis of given teams, for which I would probably just be guessing, I rather am going to assess each conferences schedules. In particular each conference Out of Conference schedules to see if they like the cupcakes or an actual challenge.


Essentially the Big 10 has one tough matchup with the Big 12 (Mizzou vs. Illinois) and a couple big battles with the Pac 10, including the massive OSU vs. USC showdown. Other than that they play a lot of garbage and a lot of MAC. The biggest disgrace for the out of conference schedule is that the entire conference has a SINGLE game against the ACC and SEC. And that SINGLE game is against DUKE, and they definitely don't count. Essentially the Big 10 once again has a pathetic Out of Conference schedule.

And seriously can Wisconsin ever play anybody good? I'm beginning to hate Wisconsin almost as much as any team not named Ohio St. Every year the Badger put together a shitty Out of Conference schedule so they can be ranked in the top 15 after beating nobody good. Just like Rutgers their only potential tough game comes against Fresno St., and really who knows if they'll be any good.

1 Team Out of Conference Sum Up: Penn St.

Why does Penn St. sum up the Big Ten's out of conference schedule? Simple, they have one maybe tough game against Oregon St., but of course its at home, and then they have 3 games which should be walk throughs.

Final Say

I'm a huge Michigan fan and yet I'm just getting sick and tired of defending the Big 10. I want the conference to be good, I want Michigan's wins to mean something. But every year they fail to step up to the occasion and play good teams. And for as much as I despise Ohio St. at least they, unlike the vast majority of the other teams, have the balls to play a big time opponent. Perhaps this is why every year they domninate in conference, because they actually test themselves out of it.

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