Stupid Farny [Bringing Back the Hate]

Monday, August 04, 2008

At one point in time in my life I think I could have been nominated for president of the Kyle Farnsworth Haters club. I didn't want the Yankees to sign him, thinking he would never come up big in a clutch spot and I got ticked off every single time (and it was often) that he gave up a big home run or struggled. For the first two years I was amongst the leaders of the anti-Farnsworth charge. And then something changed...

It seems to be a personal trait with me, but once an entire city/fanbase joins in on the hate cause I tend to shy off. It's happened with Arod last year when I pronounced I would no longer hate him citing his high socks, to a certain extent it happened with Gimabi (although the public didn't hate him quite as much) and this year it happened with Farnsworth. Coming into the year nobody on the Yankees roster was more hated than Farnsworth, nobody was more belittled. And then when he got off to a rough start to the season the fire under Farny's ass was at about 666 Degrees.

And then, well Farny actually started to pitch well. I started feeling a bit sorry for the guy, and started liking those ridiculously goofy glasses that he wears. Did I ever trust him to get a big out, hell no. But you rework your expectations and live with what you get. And then when he was traded to the Tigers and you see a 250 lb man crying and saying how much he wanted to be a Yankee I felt a bit of remorse. Man got treated like shit by an entire fan base and an entire city for 2.5 years and yet he really really wanted to be a Yankee. Despite knowing the deal made a ton of sense for the Yankees I felt a little bit like I wish they gave up some unnamed prospects rather than Farny.

And then last night Farny suited up with a 3 run lead against the Devil Rays in a possession to help the Yankees gain a game in the standings. And what does he do? He coughs up the god damn three run lead. Stupid Farny, you suck so bad.

Consider me refiling my eligibility for President of the Farny Haters Club.

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After Farny was traded, I was sure that I would never utter the phrase "FuC#ing Farnsworth" again. Clearly I was wrong, as I caught myself uttering it after he gave up a 3 run lead to the Rays. ... F'n Farnsworth!!!

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