The Letters MRI Are a Potential Heartbreaker

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

In the midst of the Yankees blowing a 2 run lead via Michael Young going oppo, the Yankees season just might have come to a screeching halt. Only pitches after giving up the homer Joba signaled to the dugout and to Pudge that the ole shoulder was not feeling so hot. So they pulled him out and this morning announced that he was headed back to NYC to jump into the Carl Pavano Memorial MRI machine. Uh oh. Big Uh oh.

Chamberlain maintained after the game that "it doesn't hurt in the wrong places", whatever that means. But given the Yankees history with Joba, aka the immense babying, you just know that if anything is wrong he will be placed on the DL and held out for a lengthy period. If that happens then the Yanks will essentially be left with Andy, Muss and 3 scrubs. That's not exactly gonna get it done.

I got the fingers crossed and am praying that I don't hear the name Joba and Dr. Andrews mentioned in the same sentence, but I can't say I'm to hopeful that he won't be winding up on the DL. I blame Giambi for moronically shaving his mustache.

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