He Didn't Look Too Comfy

Friday, August 08, 2008

Last Favre Post of the Week. I Promise.

He Didn't Look Too Comfy

Perhaps this was to be expected, I mean if you were the face of a franchise for 16 years and people kept on pummeling you with questions about your former team, would you look comfortable. And why wouldn't you feel awkward holding up a green jersey without any yellow.

Anyway, it certainly would have felt better as a Jet fan if he came off gung-ho, but to expect him to be over Green Bay in a day is probably not realistic. Plus he is a southern sap.

No Logical Person Can Criticize this From the Jets End

As much as you may hate Brett Favre or as much as you may think he sucks or think he's overrated or over the hill, if you think Chad Pennington is a better quartback you are smoking some heavy crack. Hey, I love Pennington and I think he can lead a team to the playoffs, but he's not as good as Brett Favre. He might be 5 years younger, but his arm is about 10 years older. And while you may say Favre has a knack for throwing ill timed interceptions, so did Pennington. Check out how many 4th quarter final drive ints he threw. Or how many ints to the house he threw. If you jumped on any of his slant or out routes it wasn't that hard to catch a Pennington lob.

Thus for this season there's no arguing that the Jets made the right decision. If they don't make the playoffs its a 3rd round pick. Who cares. If they make the playoffs its a 2nd round pick. The playoffs are fun for a pick in the 50s. If they make the Superbowl I will gladly, I repeat gladly give up the 31st or 32nd pick to see my favorite team play for a championship for the first time in my life. Perhaps you spoiled Patriot fans have lost the perspective of what its like to watch a team fail year in and year out. It sucks, and while chances are very slim this would happen its better than the zero chance they had Wednesday.

As for the 'future' this has limited effect. It's pretty much a Favre for Chad and a 3rd or 2nd round pick. Who cares. This far from cripples their future, and if Clemens is actually the future of the organization he will still get his opportunity in a few years. Chances seemed likely that if they trade didn't end up going down that Clemens would have ended up on the bench anyway.

Will the Boos Come

Jet fans as a whole can be pretty scummy. Again they cheered the fact Pennington was injured last year. Favre is the single biggest name ever to play for the Jets and he's brought excitement to a depressed fan base, but the same can be said for Alex Rodriguez or Carlos Beltran. Both of those players were superstars and as soon as they struggled the boos came out in full force. The Jet fan is dying for Favre and the team to succeed and they will probably give him a little leeway but come week 6 if the team is going 2-4 he will hear it from the crowd.

Ok I'm done with Favre for the week... WOOOOOOO!!!!

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