What is the Fruitiest Olympic Sport?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Its the Olympic games and there are a ton of events to determine the strongest pound per pound man, the best fighter, the best swimmer, the fastest man, etc. But which sport really is the fruitiest? Which sport do you think you would most likely see the contestants partying it up at the local All Man Night Club.

Field Hockey - Maybe its the complete US bias talking but Field Hockey is a girls sport. No man I have ever met has played field hockey and no man I have ever met has ever shown a desire to play field hockey.

Equestrian - Prancing around the infield on a horse seems pretty fruity to me. Its not racing the horse its prancing around a ridiculously decorated field and making the horse do all the work while wearing some odd suit helmet combination.

Diving - They comfortably walk around in bathing suits that is probably smaller than the typical bandanna. And their goal is to jump around in circles and make as little splash as possible. Most men opt for the Cannon Ball approach to making the absolute biggest splash as possible. (Perhaps that should be a diving event, flips and turns and stuff into cannonballs).

Gymnastics - These guys are arguably the pound for pound strongest individuals in the Olympics. And yet they compete it tight jump suits and often times give off that not so straight vibe.

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The US gymnasts are the biggest sissies in the games. First you have the Hamm Twins trying to play "dueling divas" with one another and holding teary press conferences to announce that they're staying home due to minor and/or nagging injuries--injuries nowhere near as bad as several of the women are competing with, and nowhere near as Kari Strug in the last Olympics. Impressive that they're not as tough as 5' tall teenage girls...

Then the dweebs that replaced them have alternately been worried more about how their hair looks than how they're competing and making excuses that it would 'be different if the Hamm divas were here'.

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