Kevin Garnett Offers a Lesson to Be Learned

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Last year when Kevin Garnett was traded to the Celtics I was annoyed for several reasons. One of the major reasons was that I was pissed off that only months prior he basically came out and said he was not interested in playing for the Celtics. And well, why would he have? The Celtics were bad, in order to get him they would have had to give up Jefferson and that would have left him with Pierce and scrubs. Of course he was holding out for better, and then when the Celtics landed Ray Allen and all of a sudden the Celtics were the best option. So he went a long with it. And what did he deliver? A championship. So every Celtic fan by now is completely over the fact that a little over a calendar year from now Garnett had absolutely no desire to play in Boston.

These past few days I've heard some Jets fans, namely Evan Roberts on WFAN, say that he didn't want Brett because Brett didn't want New York. That Brett rejected us once and never really wanted to come here. Let Garnett be a lesson for any negative Jet fans. Sure Brett Favre didn't want to play with the Jets weeks ago. And well why would he? If you were Brett Favre wouldn't you want to play for the Packers, he did lead them into the NFC Championship game last year. And if not the Packers why wouldn't he want to play for the Vikings? He could A) Stick it to the Packers and B) Would get to beat up on the same shitty NFC North teams he always has. When those options were obviously gone, he was left with only a few. And whether it was his first choice or not Brett Favre wants to play football and he wants to play football for the New York Jets.

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