America Incorrectly Thinks Phelps Is More Athletic than Lebron

Tuesday, August 12, 2008 in all of its poll wisdom decided that during Phelps Olympic destruction that they would have a poll consisting of 23 year old 'athletes' (NASCAR drivers are not athletes) to decide whom was the best of the bunch. And well, America is blinded by the glare of the gold medals and the massive eating abilities.

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that Phelps isn't a great athlete or what he is accomplishing in the pool isn't phenomenal, it's just that theres no person on this planet who could convince me that he is in fact a better athlete than Lebron James (or Peterson for that matter). It's not Lebron's fault that he plays a team sport that only allows a single gold medal and not 4 variations of the same thing at 4 different distances a piece plus relay races.

Realistically if you want to find the best athlete in the world you would have to take them out of their element and have them perform in a bunch of random sports, and since the Olympics is one whole bag of random sports let's predict whom would win a heads up competition in each sport.

To be fair we shall throw out any swimming event or basketball event as we know whom would win those contests.

Team Sports (Lebron 2-1)

Water Polo (Phelps): Obviously something that involves swimming gives Phelps the edge. Although I wouldn't put it past Lebron to be the #1 nut punching defender in all of Water Polo.

Handball (Lebron): He can dribble, he's fast, he can pass, he's strong as hell, and he can throw. Nobody would be able to stop Lebron outside the arc.

Volleyball / Beach Volleyball (Lebron): Would anybody want to attempt to block 6 foot 8 Lebron James 4 feet above the net? Ya don't think so. Chances are he'd be better than most players in the Olympics. I mean how many of them would be able to block Tim Duncan?

Soccer (Wash): Phelps might have more powerful quicker legs but Lebron would be an absolute beast on free kicks or as a goalie.

Baseball (Wash): I have no idea if either would be able to remotely touch a fastball.

Field Hockey (Wash): I wouldn't care to find out which was better at Field Hockey.

Individual Events (Lebron 6-5)

Diving (Phelps): It's in a pool and Phelps is thinner which is typically the key for victory.

Canoe/Kayak (Phelps): Phelps would probably be better at reading the water and where to take his boat.

Cycling (Phelps): I'm giving Phelps the edge in most endurance based events which may not be fair to Lebron given that his swims end typically within 2 minutes.

Gymnastics (Phelps): The smaller and lighter frame gives Phelps a body a little easier to throw around in a Gymnastics competition.

Taekwondo (Phelps): Quicker legs would probably get Phelps ahead on points.

Weight Lifting (Lebron): I think this would be closer than most think given that Lebron's 4 extra inches would create more exertion. But the 55+ more pounds of muscle would lead him to the victory.

Boxing (Lebron): As big a reach as Phelps has, Lebron's is bigger plus he's a lot stronger. Lebron would knock pummel him in 4 rounds.

Judo (Lebron): 55+ pounds is a lot of extra weight to throw around.

Wrestling (Lebron): Again too much Strength advantage for James.

Fencing (Lebron): This would probably be a close matchup as I doubt Lebron would be very good in fencing, but again like boxing going with the extra reach.

Tennis (Lebron): Giving the advantage to Lebron based on more strength and more height and the perception that he would be able to fire a bullet serve.

The Greatest Athlete Competition (Lebron 7-3)

Every Olympics the so called greatest athlete in the world is crowned when they step foot on the podium with the gold medal in the decathlon. So whom would win this event?

100 Meters (Lebron): The shortness of the 100 gives the advantage to Lebron.

Long Jump (Lebron): Ya, Lebron would wipe the floor with Phelps in the Long Jump.

Shot Put (Lebron): Strength.

High Jump (Lebron): Again jumping high sounds like a tough competition for Lebron.

400 Meters (Phelps): Phelps pulls away the last 100 meters.

110 Meter Hurdles (Lebron): Running and jumping somes like something Lebron would be very very good at.

Discus (Lebron): Strength.

Pole Vault (Phelps): Give the edge to Phelps based on the ligher frame.

Javelin (Lebron): Strength.

1500 Meters (Phelps): Again endurance to Phelps.

Wrap Up

Lebron is much bigger and much stronger than Phelps. While most of us have never actually seen Phelps run we can only imagine that Lebron James would be faster in a sprint. This isn't to demean Phelps' accomplishments at all but as Max Kellerman would say "If an alien came down to this planet and said present me with your best athlete to compete in a series of athletic events. If you win you can keep your planet, if you lose we shall destroy your planet." Would you pick Lebron or Phelps as our representative? I know Gilbert Arenas would choose Lebron.

Thrown Out Events that Are More Based on Skill Than on Athleticism: Archery, Shooting, Equestrian, Sync. Swimming, Table Tennis, Badminton, Sailing

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I always laugh when I see basketball players called great athletes. I remember back watching the superstars competition on ABC sports. Basketball players always finished last or next to last. Take them off the basketball court and they look like bumbling goofs that can't walk and chew gum at the same time.

Scott said...
1:19 PM  

i wanna see lebron get in a pool and swim a 100 meters in under 1 minute and 30 seconds. phelps swims atleast 12 times a week for 2 hours straight in a pool back and forth and is an amazing athelte what has lebron done individually hes amazing but as a team he sucks? ben wallace defensive player of the year zydrunus an all star boobie gibson 3 point specialist, wally 3 point specialist and he complains about his team being bad?

Anonymous said...
1:39 PM  

A) Lebron was also an all state football player in high school, so chancs are he isn't a bumbling goof.

B) Anyone making the point that the Cavs have a solid supporting cast is pretty much a moron.

Simon said...
1:42 PM  

There is a difference in being a "better athlete" and being "more athletic". Do you think Tiger Woods or Roger Federer (or anyone for that matter) could beat LeBron in an athletic competition? No, that's not fair. You might as well call LeBron the best athlete of all-time if that's how you measure it. Being a great athlete is by definition "succeeding in a sport". In HIS sport, Phelps is 10 times the athlete that LeBron is. And for that matter, so are Tiger and Roger. LeBron hasn't won anything while Phelps is the greatest Olympic champion in history. Phelps has set around 30 world records and has about 20 Gold Medals (including World Championships). LeBron has a scoring title. Phelps is on pace to being the most dominant athlete of all-time. LeBron is more athletic, Phelps is the better athlete.

Anonymous said...
3:30 PM  

One can has his own definitions to what an athlete is.

If you want to define an athlete in the sole spectrum of their chosen competitive sport than obviously you choose Phelps.

Personally, I think that's limiting. If you simply think of the Decathlon which traditionally signifies whom is the 'World's Greatest Athlete' the entire competition is built to emphasis differ skill sets and not solely one. Thus not pigeon holing them into one event.

Phelps is the World's Greatest Swimmer, he is not the World's Greatest Athlete.

Simon said...
4:13 PM  

Lebron is, by far, the greatest athlete alive. He has a best combination of strength, dexterity, coordination and speed than anyone else on the planet -- and he's 6'8" 245 to boot... and we are comparing him to guy who can swim, probably can't run/jump/catch a ball to save his life... this is a joke. Anyone who's ever played sports competitively knows this question is a no brainer.

Anonymous said...
5:43 PM  

You're a dumbass. The question is "better athlete". Phelps dominates at his sport, period. I don't see any rings on Lebron's fingers.

Anonymous said...
7:21 PM  

Why does it matter who is the better ATHLETE? In sports history, nobody cares about who is the better athlete, only what they accomplished for their individual sport. In terms of world competition AND national competition in his sport, Michael Phelps is the the. best. ever. PERIOD. How do we know he is the best in his sport? He has surpassed the previous best swimmer Mark Spitz in total victories. He is also the best OLYMPIAN ever. PERIOD. Lebron James? What has he accomplished in the same amount of time for basketball that Phelps has accomplished for swimming? 1 scoring title. What does he have to do to be considered the best? He has to beat the current best basketball player EVER, MJ. Lebron must retire with more MVP's, more scoring titles and more Championship Rings than MJ in order to be considered the best basketball player EVER. Will he do it? I doubt it. And there lies the difference, Phelps has already done it. Good Luck Lebron.

Anonymous said...
8:01 PM  

Different sports, both are great athletes. Lebron's game is much harder to win medals than phelps. Phelps swims a lap or two and he wins a metal, Lebron has to win MANY games to even remotely come to winning THE MEDAL! Personally, I'll take the Larry O'Brien in comparison to phelp's many gold metals any day of the week. And Lebron's millions included. :-)

Anonymous said...
10:52 PM  

You are so wrong dude. Lebron James gets an opportunity EVERY YEAR to win a championship. Phelps has to train for 2 years just to QUALIFY for the World championships and even then he has to do well enough to get a chance to even compete for an Olympic gold medal. Lebron gets one chance each year for a title, Phelps gets one chance every FOUR years. And dont tell me that Phelp's competition is weaker than Lebron's. The United States wasn't even able to win a gold at the last Olympics or even the Worlds. And his team is supposedly made up of the best that the U.S. has to offer. That would mean that his competition within the NBA itself is weaker than the Olympic team he plays for. Phelps routinely swims AGAINST the best that the world has to offer, and routinely DISMANTLES them. You can't say that Phelp's competition is weaker, that's a typical American cop-out with the expected arrogance of "if it's not football, baseball or basketball then it's not a sport". C'mon people, recognize greatness when it is so obvious.

Anonymous said...
11:20 PM  

Oh, and don't forget..........Lebron HASN"T WON ANYTHING YET..........

Anonymous said...
11:36 PM  

Lebron isn't that much stronger than Phelps. Lebron is stronger in the upper body but not by a lot. Phelps' lower body is world class strong. It's hard to determine who's a better athlete because they play totally different sports.

victor said...
1:25 AM  

you people who think lebron is the greatest athlete in the world are idiots, he isn't even the best athlete in his own sport..."race car drivers aren't athletes", ok moron lets see you strap in there and do that for 5 hours, you never see those guys miss a start b/c they have a sore ankle or a sprained thumb, not only are they athletes they are also twice the men the rest of these pansies in professional sports are today

josh said...
9:24 AM  

No one doubts that Michael Jordan was an incredible athlete, yet he couldn't hit a curve ball. The better athlete talk is continually futile.
However Phelps is more dominant in his sphere of events, Lebron would likely be best at a wider range of land based trials.
Remember Phelps competes in the water, and has the body for that (long torso, short legs). Lebron is better fit for land.

Anonymous said...
1:36 AM  

a bit OT, but for what u said about volleyball, there is no way lebron or duncan are even close to any of the olympians. volleyball is mostly about technique not how tall u are. so that being said no nba player has a chance (unless they had training) of being even close to any professional volleyball player. i am saying this from experience since i am both a basketball and a volleyball player.

Anonymous said...
8:00 PM  


Anonymous said...
5:03 PM  

i bet yo mama likes phelps betta then lebron

Anonymous said...
5:04 PM  

is lebron good at anything?

Anonymous said...
5:05 PM  

is lebron good at anything?

Anonymous said...
5:05 PM  

lebrons is not even in the top50 greatest NBA players of all time (which is only in the US)

phelps is the greatest swimmer of all time in da whole fuckn planet

Anonymous said...
5:08 PM  

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