Who Is To Blame for Manny's Exodus?

Monday, August 04, 2008

The Manny Ramirez fallout came to an abrupt end but has been boiling for many a year. Here a 4 main candidates for the the fallout.

Manny Ramirez - Manny being Manny only goes so far. When you sit out a friday night against the Yankees complaining of injuries that don't exist then you have certainly crossed the line.

Scott Boras - The devil was hired by Manny in the off season. As Tone said "You don't hire Scott Boras if you want your option to get picked up." And well it's true, if Manny doesn't garner a new contract than Scott Boras essentially gets nothing out of Manny. However, if he gets him a massive long term deal than he gets a nice cut.

Theo Epstein - The day Theo stepped through the door he seemingly didn't want Manny on the roster. He was the one who was so eager to see which teams were interested in Manny that he placed him on waivers. He was the one that came out to the public saying that if Manny was ok with being traded that he would be interested in hearing offers.

Terry Francona - There is at least whispers out there that suggest that Francona just got to a point where he couldn't deal with Manny. He may have given the directive to Theo to get rid of Manny at all costs.

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Pushing the 64 year old guy down because he couldn't get him 16 tickets to a game on 5 minutes notice was the last straw. You can forgive a lot for his production, but enough is enough. It was 100 percent Manny.

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